The Consequences Of Ether Mining

If on New Year’s Eve you had bought ether for $ 8.00, today you could sell it for $ 340. Until two months ago, ether was just one of more than 762 crypto-coins circulating on the web – virtual currencies that allow you to perform hard-to-trace operations that can be exchanged for money in the real world. The eth mining calculator only shows bigger figures for the new currency.

Bitcoin has emerged in recent years as the main benchmark in the digital currency market and continues to be the most valued, quoted at $ 2,693.91 per coin. However, it is not the only one that is benefiting from the search for crypto-coins. Just see the ether example. Since the beginning of the year, the ether quotation has increased by 4,250%, making it the second most valued virtual currency in the market.

But, among so many options, why buy ether?

Restrictions on use

Unlike other crypto-coins, the ether is connected to a platform called Ethereum and can only be used within it. The other plus side is that it is possible to buy eth paypal.
Ethereum, released in August 2014, is software that must be downloaded and allows making decentralized or daps applications – that is, via applications that operate just like the programs, without interruption, censorship, fraud or interference from Third parties. The platform uses block chain technology, known for safety and discretion. Both attributes are considered ideal for creating digital markets. It is possible, for example, to give instructions on how you want to move certain amounts if the euro exceeds the pound and the platform will see to it that it does not need human intervention.

Ether Vs. bitcoin

But operating on Ethereum does not occur for free and the cost must be paid in ether. Every action the machine performs by the user has a price. According to the foundation, the collection ensures that the dapps created on the platform are of quality. For most of 2015, the value of ether did not exceed $ 1.

Back in New Year’s Eve, if you had looked at past quotes to decide whether to buy ether, you probably would have given up. At the time, 91.3% of the crypto-coin market was dominated by bitcoin, followed by ripple (2.8%) and light coin (2.15%). Ether accounted for only 1%. But the picture changed: bitcoin slice in the market was reduced to 39.8%, while that of ether rose to 28.5%. Which means having an eth wallet can pay off in the long run.
According to Garrick Hileman, an economic historian at the University of Cambridge and the London School of Economics (LSE). Here, there are three reasons for this change.

New online currencies

ICO is nothing more than a form of crowdfunding (collective financing): an entrepreneur announces his idea, creates a crypto-currency and sells it to get the money that will make his business a reality. The advantage for start-ups is that, unlike other forms of financing, those who buy the coins do not receive shares of the future company in return. What do they earn then? In the future, when the company is operating, the investor can exchange his virtual currency for real money through the use of ethminer. Know how to buy Etherium: