best-movies-on-netflix-slice1-600x200Netflix is getting more popular each day in Canada, they offer so much different movies and series that are available through the streaming platform. 
Thousands of people are tuning in daily to watch their favorite movies and series. 
Its not only the Canadian version but also Netflix USA in Canada that is very popular. But what makes Netflix so popular? It has a big collection to start with, movies and series for every genre, but it all started with innovating something new they were ahead of the game because most places were still selling DVDs. At top of it they pay big for the best actors to introduce them with a new (for example comedies) that will be on Netflix for the first time. Its also not expensive to buy a membership for one month, for only $7,99 USD you can watch full time and that’s very low compared to others.



However watching  Netflix from a different country in your own is a pain, this is simply almost impossible to do. If you want to watch a different one you will be switched automatically over to the actual homepage that is only available in your country. So how can this be solved? Its very easy to solve with the right program and equipment you will be watching (for example) Netflix USA in your own country. This website will help you setup a program that will cost you a small amount but it is the best way to watch Netflix in your home at a stable connection. There are a lot free options out there but they will rune your connection within a matter of seconds.  So the best option in my opinion would be to go with this program, they offer a great deal and their support is amazing according to the many positive feedback and my own experience. With the program you can watch your favorite Netflix movies and series from any country, it will simple locate you to a country get you a good and stable IP address (connection). At that point you only need to start Netflix and you are good to go for hours.


If you decide to quit then you can simple disconnect from the server and it will place you again on your own IP (location) and you are done, all information can be found on here
Great with this plan is you don’t have any shit advertisements on your screen and don’t have to wait for many minutes before you can join a server, this is the case with a free VPN.