4 Things to do to create an online presence for your business

online presence

With more and more people starting their own businesses to provide supplemental income, there are a few things that we should consider doing to create an online presence to educate potential clients about the business.  So, you have to decide that you want to start making additional income from a part time business.  There are 4 things that must be done to define your online presence.

First, secure an online domain name for your company.  A domain name is what the person would look for you using on the internet.  There are many web-hosting companies and when you use a web-hosting company; this is where your business will reside online.  Their servers will host your domain so anytime someone looks for you, it will take them to your landing page or homepage after you have reserved it.

When you reserve your domain name then it keeps others from using your name or trying to draw traffic from your business. A domain name can drive your customers to your website, blog, social page or storefront.  Most people go to web-hosting companies like GoDaddy.  These companies lease the domain name for you.  They provide website design which provides the substance people see on the screen when they go to your site.

The website will house your digital image of the services or products offered, prices, benefits, and anything deemed important to share with your customers.  The website can be dynamic and interactive or it can be static, meaning it is only informational.  When a site is dynamic, it means that your audience can click through to pertinent information, watch videos or interact with someone via chat.

So, first, secure the domain name.  Second, design your logo. Third design your website. Fourth, link yourself to ads which can drive business to your page and fourth, always update your information. You can publish your business using tools like WordPress which is provides templates to customize pages and the look/feel of the site. Clients like to see that pages are maintained and active.  If they don’t see new information or videos, then they are inclined to believe the business is not managing their online presence, There are so many ways to make money on the internet.  This is just the brink of the iceberg.…